Thursday, December 17, 2009


Let me start by saying this, I'm one of those people who either totally loves something or completely hates it. There is generally no gray area with me. Sometimes I watch something only because it is the opposite of what I hate. Like I'll watch a football game if one of the teams is the Patriots or the Eagles, cause I hate them and want to see them lose, not because I care even the slightest for the other team.

I have been making fun of Twilight and the people who read it for what seems like years. I mean I said it was for twelve year old girls and I questioned the sanity of people who read books about vampires. I saw Salem's Lot. I know how it ends. A vampire love story seemed even more absurd to me. What’s the point? He’s dead, right? I mean why are these people so up in arms over this crap? I also didn’t get the whole Rob Pattinson thing. He is just awkward looking and not as amazing as all these people seemed to think. Taylor Lautner was even worse. I mean, I think that guy is 5’2”, in heels so I was just missing the whole thing.

Then I saw the movie. My husband ordered it on Netflix for me. I never thought I'd enjoy it because I usually hate movies and TV shows about vampires. I decided to watch it for one reason. I wanted to see if watching this movie would make Robert Pattinson attractive to me because I was just totally missing the infatuation people seemed to have in this guy. I was home sick with strep throat and my husband set me up in our bed and started the movie. I watched it alone because Chris was A/ downstairs with the kids and B/ not even remotely interested. Once I watched it, I had but one thought. Wow, I'm the asshole!

I loved that movie so much that it shocked me. I loved it so much that the next day while my family was gone visiting my in laws, I watched it again. When I saw my husband sliding the movie back into the red Netflix envelope to return it, a part of me wanted to run across the kitchen and lunge for it. I think I even said to him, "what are you doing with that?" Like he didn't have a right to have it. I immediately told him I wanted the movie and the books and made sure they were on my Amazon Wishlist before sun down, less there be any confusion.

I think the biggest shock was that I actually understood what people saw in these characters and I get the Robert Pattinson thing now! He's actually beautiful and kudos to him for being really good in this movie because he's sort of like sweet, misguided Benjamin on "Felicity" ( a reference that will be lost on you unless you watched Felicity ~ Which you should cause it's excellent) to me now. Whatever he does from now on, I will see. That's how good he was. I Googled him and he has some really good movies coming out soon that I can't wait for! Sighhhhhh...Edward.

I'm reading the first book now and I'm loving it. I haven't read a book this long since I read The Iliad and The Odyssey (literary comas) in high school and I'm pretty sure I lied about reading those, which means Cliff's Notes. Because I'm dyslexic, I thought a 500-600 page book would take me months to read, but in less than 24 hours, I'm almost 300 pages in and I can't wait to stop blogging to dry my hair and continue. My husband just caught me in the tub reading it and laughed at me, but that's OK, I can deal. If the movie hadn't gone back to Netflix, I'd be watching it again. I just hope I can read the next book before I see the movie. It just came out last month so I'm hoping to beat it's release to DVD. Something two days ago I would have told you was impossible. This book is holding my interest like no other book I've ever read. I mean I love Duran Duran but I've been reading a biography about them for months and I think I'm on page 40. Maybe they need a vampire. Sighhhhhh.....Edward.

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  1. Welcome to my world Michelle! I've been a huge Twilight fan forever now. I have all the books (if you need to borrow them) and I have the movie as well:-). I saw New Moon the day it came out and I've seen it again as well since then. Let's just say when March comes (my birthday) I will be asking for New Moon on DVD:-).

    I'm so glad you're digging the books! It only took me 5 days STRAIGHT to read them all. Let's just say that Cora did watch a little too much TV during that time, and I got little sleep, but it was well worth it:-).

    Happy reading!