Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tis the Season!

I skipped our regular weekly playgroup this week because River has been sick all week. I figure she's be fine if she isn't around other kids and pregnant women. She actually seems a little better today so I'm keeping my finger's crossed.

I decided to keep our appointment for Christmas pictures that I'd scheduled. I had the first appointment of the day with our favorite studio photographer. He's very patient with Owen who is just this side of a nightmare when having his picture taken. I thought this would be easier than photographs the day before with Santa, but it really wasn't.

River is a natural. She sits there in her cutest dress, staring at the lights while her eyes shine and Owen throws himself on the floor and whines about the sucker he wants from the backroom. I was shocked when Chris got a good picture of the two of them. I'm not posting it here because it's our Christmas card picture. The hardest part of the whole experience is picking out the pictures. I try to limit the photos he takes so it's easier on me. I go every three months and can usually double up on a holiday and a milestone appointment but River turns one in January and I obviously couldn't wait til then to do Christmas pictures and 10 months is too soon for 1st Birthday photos. So, I was there last month for 9 month photos and will be back next month for her birthday. I take so many good photos of the kids that can't justify going more than I do and while I know I spend a bit of money on this, I know it is one thing that I will never regret it.

The one question I have for photo studios is why do you still offer sepia? It's rare that this is used correctly and is usually only used when the quality of the photo is so poor that it makes it look "better", but who do you think you're fooling? Sometimes I see sepia and cringe inside. B & W, I get but sepia should be left to the Old Time Photos or 1972.

I thought River looked so beautiful in her Christmas dress that I decided to take a few pictures of her on the deck. She wears red well! I was able to get but one picture of Owen on the deck. I caught him throwing a ball to the dog. Baby steps. He's so difficult to photograph that I'm shocked I get the great pictures of him that I do.

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  1. River is so beautiful, Michelle! That dress is adorable and she does wear red well. I bet that pleases her Mommy!