Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Naughty Shoes!

This morning was Owen's last ballet class. I'm kinda sad about it because even though he drove me insane on more than one occasion during the class, he really seemed to have a great time while he was there! He took the class with his friends and he always loves playing with them. It was always entertaining to watch Owen and Ayden pick up each other's bad habits and lead the other astray while Sydney told them to stop. They chased each other during class more than they did anything else, but that's OK. They're 2 year old boys!

When the class started, it was a nightmare. Well into the first class, I thought to myself "Why in hell did you sign him up for this shit? There is no way he or I will make it through the whole class!" After a few classes, I lightened up and admitted, that he's two and all I can expect of him it to have a good time, be respectful and occasionally listen to what I tell him to do. There were a few times that I had to take him out of the room and reassert these things but for the most part, he did OK. He spent most of the time running back and forth with Ayden, but that's what boys do.

At the end of every class, the kids are asked to thank Miss Suzanne. I think it was Owen's favorite part of the class and he almost always jumped up when I asked him to "Give Miss Suzanne a big hug!" Today I was able to get a picture of him giving her a big kiss, while we thanked her for the class. I think Owen had a great time and will miss not going every week. I think I'll be singing "Naughty Shoes" in my head for months!

I took many, many pictures of Owen in ballet but these are a few of my favorites. The first one, while not technically a good picture, really captures the essence of the whole class for me.

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