Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Swine Fever!

This morning, for what was my first outing since Friday, we took the kids to the County Health Department for their H1N1 boosters. I was a little iffy about going and my husband was a little iffy about taking me but I knew it would be tough for Chris with both kids and he's been so good to us all week long so I wanted to help out if I could.
We got there at 10 AM to a pretty large line that was already moving which makes me believe it started at 9 and I just read it wrong on their website, but it didn't really matter. The line moved very quickly and we really didn't wait all that long. I was actually shocked at their efficiency. They had the County police there for crowd control, which freaked me out a bit thinking they were expecting even more people that I saw, but that didn't happen while we were there.
Once we got to the door of the building, Chris made me wait outside, because I'm sick. I missed the part where he took both kids, filled out their paperwork, watched other kids totally freak out when it was their turn and then my son lose it when my husband turned to him and said "Come on Buddy. I can totally visualize it and even hear the scream in my mind, but I missed it. Chris said River cried for 10 seconds and that was it. They were both completely fine when they came out of the door. Owen seemed doubly happy because he got his sticker and River's as well. "We got there just before 10 and were back in the van by 10:44. With the paperwork and screaming kids, that really isn't that bad. When we got home, I remember saying, "God, I'm so tired. I'm gonna lay down for a minute." I think I woke up two hours later. Amazing how exhausted you get when you haven't really eaten in four days.

The best part about the whole morning was my son running around yelling "Swine fever!" We got this from a skit on SNL that we think is hilarious. I posted it bellow if you're interested. Also, when I came across the picture that I posted above, I laughed out loud! Make sure you click on it so you can read it. Tres, tres funny!

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  1. Chuck LOVES that skit. He's watched it twice now on SNL (we DVR it) and we both think its hysterical. I'm still waiting for SNL to do a skit on I didn't know I was pregnant. That will be the best:-).