Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Smoke and Mirrors......Santa Style!

This morning I took the kids to have their pictures taken with Santa. It is River's first Christmas so I wanted to make sure I had their cutest clothes ready and were in pretty good moods for the outing. We went straight from ballet and after a fun filled class playing with his friends, I thought Owen would be in a great mood for this. What the hell was I thinking?
As soon as he saw Santa, he ran for the hills. I have no idea what it is about Santa that freaks him out, but he wouldn't get anywhere near him. I had to sit on the ground and hold him up, which is much harder than it sounds. River sat quietly perched on Santa's lap like a little angel while I chased my little brown eyed hurdle jumper all around that friggen workshop!
I'm pleased with the pictures we got because my expectations were realistic. I knew River would be OK. I figured she'd just sit there and stare at Santa and was actually surprised she took her eyes off of him long enough to look at the camera. I also knew Owen would be a pill and he never disappoints! I can tell it's all for show. It isn't like he's afraid of Santa. If he had a real fear, I'd adapt to that but he just has a massive control issue and wants to not do what he knows I want him to do. He totally gets that from his father.
My friend Angie took the last picture. If my husband were standing in the back, it would be our Christmas card this year. It's a more realistic view of Christmas in our house. I love the zero expression on his face. He's too busy being a dead weight. The best part is how River is looking at him from above like he's an idiot. She totally gets that from me.


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  2. Hahahahahahahaha! Love the last picture! I totally understand how difficult it is to hold a child that doesn't want to be held and 'chasing' is my middle name:) All these moments are so funny a few hours later.