Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santa Totally rocks!

I've been waiting for tonight since last year. I knew it would come and I hoped we'd be home to see it but since I wasn't sure when it was happening, there was always a chance we could miss it. In all my life, I've never seen a community do this and the first time we saw it after moving here, we knew (if we'd question it before) that we'd made the right decision.

Once a year, just before Christmas, the local fire department comes through the community with the Battalion Chief and two firetrucks with Santa on his sleigh. They make so much noise that you couldn't miss it if you were home. All of their lights and sirens are blazing and Santa waves and throws candy canes from his sleigh! It's totally cool and River seemed to really love it! She was laughing and giggling with the most confused look on her face.

Owen LOVES firetrucks so we thought this year, it would be right up his alley. He seemed to really enjoy it last time. He was filled with anticipation as we waited for Santa and the firetrucks and seemed pretty excited as he saw them coming down the street. I was shooting video with my Flip and I can see that as soon as the first firetruck was right next to us and laid on the horn, he jumped and ran. He didn't run far so he didn't miss anything but he could have done without the horn. The video shows more of my excitement than his, but that's OK. SANTA CAME RIGHT BY OUR HOUSE!

Since Santa waits for no man, I didn't have time to grab my good camera so I just used the point and shoot. That's why these pictures suck and why Santa looks more like a Jawa than a jolly ole' fella. But I digress.....
I knew Owen had a great time when he refused to go to bed without his favorite toy firetruck!
Also, I didn't get a picture of River with all the Santa commotion so here's a picture of her from dinner.

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