Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Baby's First "Date"!

We'd planned to go Christmas shopping tonight with both kids in tow, cause that's what you do when you have two kids. Paying a babysitter to watch your kids while you go out and spend money is no fun so we take them with us. It makes it tough when you have to buy a gift for the kids and they see it. It can turn into a nightmare quickly.

As we were getting ready, the phone rang. it was out friends Laura who was taking her daughter to see the Christmas lights at one of the local parks. I guess you drive through and the kids can see them from their seats. I've never been but have passed something similar in Howard County. She asked if Owen could join them because having one of her friends along might make it that much more fun for Alexa.

They stopped by to pick him up and once we loaded the car seat and Laura found her keys, they were off! From what I hear, he didn't cry at all! I thought he might tear up by the confused look he had on his face as they pulled out of our driveway, but apparently he didn't. Laura said they had a great time and sang lots of songs while being chauffeured through the lights.
We did out Christmas shopping and were even able to grab some Pho on the way back. Dinner out with a 10 month old is a whole hell of a lot easier than it is with my little 2 1/2 year old angel. We haven't had Pho since the last time we took Owen with us and he screamed for most of the dinner. We ate that soup so fast I though it would scald my soul. We just wanted to get out of there, pronto!
We went and picked Owen up from their home and he was obviously having a great time. Owen can be a bit of a hellion and he was so peaceful and calm when we walked in. I was impressed. Laura has that affect on people so I shouldn't have been surprised, but it was nice to see.
On our way out the door, Owen gave Alexa a good night hug. It was so sweet! Thankfully he didn't try to put them moves on her. I wonder if there will be a second date?
The picture about is Owen and Alexa October 23, 2007 when they were both super chunks! Oh how they've grown!

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