Monday, December 7, 2009

Meeting Great Grandma Marie!

We took the kids to my Mother in Law's house so that they could see their Great Grandmother! She was visiting from New York and River had never met her so it was extra special. We had Owen's music class that morning and our friend had been put on bed rest in her 9th month of pregnancy so we needed to stop on the way down and see them. Needless to say, we got to Grandma's house a little late in the day.

It was nice to see Great Grandma Marie and let her spend some time with the kids. River seemed to love sitting in her lap. I think they both had a great time meeting each other.

Owen was acting a little odd. He seemed a little slower than usual and since he was unable to take a nap, he sat on my lap and fell asleep. He only does this when he is exhausted and way past his nap time. As he laid on my chest, I could tell he felt warm but since I always think the kids feel warm, I let it go. By the time Owen woke, he was burning up. He woke, sat up in my lap and started throwing up. Owen went into the bathroom with Chris and I began gathering our things. Obviously we needed to leave immediately. It wasn't good for the kids, it wasn't good for Great Grandma Marie and poor Owen felt like crap!

As we drove towards the Interstate to come home, I said to Chris, "We should have taken at least one picture of River with her Great Grandmother." He agreed. With that, I turned the van around and did just that and I'm glad I did. We took a few pictures of the two of them together and they looked sweet. Then we got in the van and drove back home.

This weekend, we get another shot at a nice visit. Grandma Marie is coming again and we're going down to have dinner with her and my husband's family. My husband's Grandfather died last Christmas Eve so I would think this would be a tough year and I'm glad we get to spend some time with her.

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