Wednesday, December 9, 2009

And Then There Were Four.......

The Ellicot City Mom's Group that we've been a part of since Owen was about 6 months old is our longest running playgroup. We started out with 7 (I think) moms and have slowly lost some to moves or other things. The kids are all almost three and have become pretty good friends. They don't see each other every day but when they do, they sure seem to have fun together!

Some of us have had second children, some only plan on having one while others are due any day! It's fun to see your child come from playing next to a kid, to playing and running around with that same kid. It's such a wonderful privilege to be able to watch them grow. We had a holiday gift exchange today and it went very well. We all brought a gift for one child and had a book swap for the younger ones. Owen loves his toys and is playing with them as I type. We all brought something to share so we could eat something while the kids play and then afterwards, we made a craft. It felt like I ended up doing the craft myself because Owen wanted to run around with his friends, but that's OK. We have nice little snowflakes with their pictures on them to hang in the window.

I'm glad he has such a good group of friends who are so much fun to be around. Their mom's are wonderful and the dad's seem to have such fun with their children. It sure makes a difference in a child's young life to have so many people that are absolutely crazy about them! I will always root for my kids and be behind them 100% but it sure is nice to have friends who do the same. It's nice knowing that these women have fun with my kids as I do with theirs. I know they'll always be in their corner and my kids will benefit from that. Such positive reinforcement is essential, but not everyone gets that. I'm honored that mine do.

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  1. I'm grateful for the friendships I have with all of you. We had such a great time at your home, Michelle. You know a playdate is successful when none of the kids want to leave each other. Can I get copies of these pics? They are great!! ~Laura