Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Where's Momma?

I went away this weekend (by myself) for the first time since before I was pregnant with Owen. I mean I haven't been anywhere in so long that I kinda felt like I forgot how to act in public.

Some friends and I drove across the Bay Bridge and attended a weekend crop. I was so excited as I'd never been to one and I am so far behind in the kid's scrapbooks that I should be ashamed. I keep their baby books up cause I need dates for those and try to remember to write everything down. I have 10s of thousands of pictures of my kids and will never be able, nor would I try to scrapbook them all, but I try to do the important events and Birthdays. I do the stuff that everyone would want to remember as well as days at the park where I just get some really good pictures.

We got there on a Friday afternoon and set up our tables. I shared a room with Karen, Angie and Angie's newest blue eyed baby boy, Jayce. I think he's almost 3 months old and very agreeable. He seemed to be a bit under the weather and except for his breathing, you'd never know it. He slept in our room or behind my chair for most of the weekend and was a dream. I'm sure he cried in the night or at least fussed but since I was on a "kid free weekend", I just didn't hear him. I knew when he cried, he wasn't crying for me so I was able to sleep through it. Karen's snoring on the other hand is a different story. She was like a little muted chainsaw. Tres funny.

Our scrapbooking room and our hotel room were separated by a wall so that was convenient and the window had a view of the water, which was nice. It was nice to roll out of bed on Saturday, brush my teeth and wash my face and then stroll into the scrapbooking room where others were either still working from the night before or just getting an early start. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kids but a weekend where on my Starbucks run, I just grabbed my keys and wallet as opposed to filling a diaper bag, getting 3 people dressed and in the van, was nice.

I missed my kids terribly and felt guilty for going but this is just something I have to do every now and then. I used bad words all weekend, I stayed up late and I got my drink on! These are things you just don't do with two kids under 3. I mean, I got 48 pages done for my scrapbooks so I worked too, but I had a great time! It was nice of Chris to send pictures and video so I could see what they were doing while I was gone.

Above I posted my favorite picture that I scrapbooked this weekend. I never get tired of looking at my babies!

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