Thursday, November 12, 2009

"This is Top Chef, not Top Scallop!"

Very few shows hold my attention. Usually when they do it's because I find someone to hate. While I also found someone to hate on Top Chef, he's gone now and I'm still watching. It's a show my husband and I like to watch together, which is even more hard to come by.
This week we watched Top Chef Allstars. I'm not sure how I missed some of these seasons but some of these people were complete douches. There was a George Michael wanna be with the worst hair and eyebrows to match. He was, of course, 5'2", with a massive attitude cause all 5'2" "men" have massive attitudes. I mean, I'm pretty sure this guy needed a step stool to get into his car but he was loud like people were gonna forget. They also had the obligatory mean, chunky lesbian. No one liked her and I'm not sure why she was on this show, but I guess they had to fill the slots. It would probably be neat if we thought these people were as great as they did, but whatever.
Fabio from last season was the host. I hadn't liked him at first when we watched his show, but he grew on me over the season. He was the perfect host for this special. He was the fan favorite last year so people seemed to like him.

We watched the regular show last night as well and while I'm sad to see Robin go, I understood. She wasn't the best chef in the bunch and there seemed to be many who were much better than her, but it was nice that she tried with such little bravado. Most of this show feels like a cock fight so it was nice to see someone who wasn't apart of that. I thought most of the other contestants were dicks to her so I'm glad she stuck around for so long and that she shoved it up Mike's ass by staying while he went home. I'm also really tired of the brothers. We get it, sibling rivalry. I'm really not interested and it's annoying. Also, the younger one is a prick. He'll be the first one to tell us how unfairly he was portrayed. Whiner.

I don't think either of them is a better chef than Kevin, who should win. Eli almost went home last night for something he made that was apparently completely disgusting. I'm not sure why he thought that would be good but some things just shouldn't go together.

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  1. I'm going to kill you! You should have said "spoiler alert" lol, I haven't watched this week's episode yet but its no big deal, I'll still watch, I'm a big fan:-). Too funny.