Friday, November 6, 2009

My kid, the Rockstar!

We took Owen to see The Wiggles a couple of months ago and he had such a great time that when I heard they were coming back, and even closer this time, I knew we should try to take him again!

This time his Grandmother and little sister came as well. I had River strapped in the Bjorn the whole time so by the end of the show,it felt like I had her hanging from my neck. That made me tired and my husband had to chase Owen around for most o the show so he was exhausted from doing that. Owen isn't the kind of kid who stays in one place and watches the show. However, we had a really good time.

Owen worse his Wiggles t-shirt and I made a big sign on poster board to take with us that said "Owen loves The Wiggles!" I figured it's a fun thing to do and when Murray reads the signs, it's a good way to get him to say Owen's name and make him part of the show, which worked! We also brought pink roses for Dorothy! They come around and get them from the kids so it was another way to get him front and center which he seemed to enjoy. He liked handing the flowers over to the Wiggly dancer!

There is a part of the show when Sam & Murray walk through the audience and this time, Sam came right down our row! Chris told Owen to go give Sam high five and he did it! I was so impressed that he didn't shy away. He ran right up there like he knew him! It was great and I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get a quick picture!

I think it's kinda cool that Owen & River's first concerts are the same things. Granted, she's a little young but she had a good time right up til she freaked out and started digging in the bowl of puffs like she was on a deserted island! It's always fun when the Smith family traits come out. My kids can eat!

We had a great time and although we're Wiggled out for a while, I'm so glad we went and had a great time. We bought Owen a stuffed Wiggles guitar that I know he'll love and the picture above is priceless!

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