Thursday, November 12, 2009

Captain Destructo!

My boy is the sweetest little guy ever, but he's a machine. He gives kisses and hugs all day, but can destroy almost anything in minutes. His wall has marks on it from the banging he does with his toys, his dresser drawers were broken before they even had clothes in them and I have, on more than one occasion, seen him banging his favorite doll's head against the window and now he's broken his Pottery Barn Roman shade. How is that even possible?

He's so hard on everything he has. I'm still letting him play with the big rigs he got for Christmas from my parents because I know he'll totally freak if he can't find them. They're missing wheels, the beds are busted. When he can't make the bed stay on the front part, he loses it and throws it across the room.

So, today I have to go out and find new window coverings for his room. I don't even know where to start. Do they have a section for things a two year old can't destroy? I just need something to keep out the sun and let him sleep. I'm sure he won't nap today with no curtains. I'm surprised he's still asleep now.
I look at that sweet face and can't imagine he could get into so much trouble. Maybe it's the shirt. He's tricky. Get it? He's tricky?
*EDIT* I was able to find some curtains for Owen's room that somewhat match his Pottery Barn bedding, that I love. I took down the Roman shade and hung them up just before nap time. Once the kids were in bed, I went downstairs and I swear I saw Owen swinging from his new curtains! If so, they won't last long. He's a heavy kid!
I'm at a loss.

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