Monday, November 30, 2009

Santa Drives a Bronco?

On Sunday, Chris and I took the kids to the B & O Railroad Museum in Baltimore. I wasn't sure if Owen would like it as it takes a bit to really get him interested, but he had a great time! River was just kinda along for the ride but seemed to have fun as well.

When you first pull into the parking lot, they have many old (gigantic) trains and steam engines in there that you can walk around and read info about. Chris and Owen thought this was very cool and we spent the 20 minutes we were early, doing this. I knew as soon as I saw those trains out front that Owen would have a good time!

They had the Holiday Festival of Trains going on while we were there and The Washington DC Metropolitan Area LEGO Train Club was sponsoring that day and had an entire town with train tracks going all through it set up in the center of the main part of the building. It was very cool and Owen seemed to want to get into the town and play but we were able to redirect his attention so he wouldn't pull a Godzilla on the Lego town.

They also had Santa on hand to take pictures with the kids. He lost his luster a bit when he pulled up in a Bronco, but I don't think Owen noticed. I guess that's what we get for being 20 minutes early! We tried to have the kid's pictures taken with Santa but Owen, being Owen wouldn't really allow it. I decided that in lu of paying for two 5 X 7's, I'd just take my own pictures, which was a better idea. River couldn't take her eyes off of him so it was nice to get a picture of that. That way, I don't have to pay for pictures of Owen running away. I already have an ass load of those.

I think the best part, for me, was the train ride with Frosty. They offered one with Santa as well, but since we'd had the pleasure of meeting him at his Bronco, I opted to hitch a ride with Frosty. The kids seemed to have a great time! Owen was enthralled with the moving train, Frosty and watching out the windows. He also loved having our tickets punched by the train guy and wouldn't let anyone else hold the tickets. While he was sucking down the candy canes Frosty gave him, he had no idea that we basically rode through the back lot of The Wire, complete with a wanna be (white) rapper posing for his buddy's point and shoot in a window of an abandoned home. I felt like I should have asked for his autograph. He might be famous someday......NOT!

A good time was had by all, plus, Owen got new toys trains from the gift shop and it was River's first train ride!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Baby Logan is finally here! We was born last week so I'm sure Karen and BT are still awake! You can tell expectant parents all you want to about the sleep they won't get but you never really understand it until you're in it. I feel for them because it wasn't that long ago that I was standing in my bedroom crying while my son cried and trying to let my husband sleep so he could go to work the next day.

Babies are amazing but they're also an amazing amount of work. While being a SAHM is the best job I've ever had, it's also the toughest. I can't leave early when I don't feel like working or call in sick. I don't get sick days unless a sick day means, we're all sick. I feel lucky that I have a husband who is 100% in it with me and helps out no matter what, but there are still tough stressful times that come with being a mother. I just try to remind myself how lucky I am to be able to spend so much time with my kids and I try to remember not to take for granted that I can stay home. I know that others can't.

Anyhoo, Logan is beautiful and I'm so glad he's here. When he's had some time to fatten up and get a little older, we'll go down to meet him. This time of the year isn't a good time to take two kids to meet a new baby.

My husband and I talked about the kids we'd want and we said with my age, we should have two kids pretty quickly while I'm still young---er. I think we thought we'd have one and get right back on the horse, so to speak. I remember laying in bed, recovering from my first c-section when my Mother in Law asked me "So, when are you gonna go for #2?" Just the thought of going through all that again made me feel sick to my stomach. I just laid there and cried. I refused to even entertain the idea. Now look at us, three years later and I have two of the grooviest kids ever! I will have no more children and I am totally fine with that. My kids are all I could ever want!

Way to go Karen and BT! You have a beautiful baby! I know what you're saying, "All babies are beautiful." They're really not.

Where's Momma?

I went away this weekend (by myself) for the first time since before I was pregnant with Owen. I mean I haven't been anywhere in so long that I kinda felt like I forgot how to act in public.

Some friends and I drove across the Bay Bridge and attended a weekend crop. I was so excited as I'd never been to one and I am so far behind in the kid's scrapbooks that I should be ashamed. I keep their baby books up cause I need dates for those and try to remember to write everything down. I have 10s of thousands of pictures of my kids and will never be able, nor would I try to scrapbook them all, but I try to do the important events and Birthdays. I do the stuff that everyone would want to remember as well as days at the park where I just get some really good pictures.

We got there on a Friday afternoon and set up our tables. I shared a room with Karen, Angie and Angie's newest blue eyed baby boy, Jayce. I think he's almost 3 months old and very agreeable. He seemed to be a bit under the weather and except for his breathing, you'd never know it. He slept in our room or behind my chair for most of the weekend and was a dream. I'm sure he cried in the night or at least fussed but since I was on a "kid free weekend", I just didn't hear him. I knew when he cried, he wasn't crying for me so I was able to sleep through it. Karen's snoring on the other hand is a different story. She was like a little muted chainsaw. Tres funny.

Our scrapbooking room and our hotel room were separated by a wall so that was convenient and the window had a view of the water, which was nice. It was nice to roll out of bed on Saturday, brush my teeth and wash my face and then stroll into the scrapbooking room where others were either still working from the night before or just getting an early start. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kids but a weekend where on my Starbucks run, I just grabbed my keys and wallet as opposed to filling a diaper bag, getting 3 people dressed and in the van, was nice.

I missed my kids terribly and felt guilty for going but this is just something I have to do every now and then. I used bad words all weekend, I stayed up late and I got my drink on! These are things you just don't do with two kids under 3. I mean, I got 48 pages done for my scrapbooks so I worked too, but I had a great time! It was nice of Chris to send pictures and video so I could see what they were doing while I was gone.

Above I posted my favorite picture that I scrapbooked this weekend. I never get tired of looking at my babies!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A New Baby

My beautiful friend Karen is really, really pregnant! Her due date is November 21st so she's literally almost done. She works full time as a social worker (living saint) and was told today that she has to go on bed rest. Her first question? "Can I work part time?" I had to laugh out loud when she told me this because it's so Karen.

Anyway, she listened to the Dr and today was her last day at work until the baby comes. As tough as my pregnancies were and as much crap as my Obs gave me about taking it easy and relaxing, I was never technically on bed rest. The thought of sitting in one place for possibly two weeks is unthinkable to me as I'm sure it is to Karen. You gotta do what you've gotta do and thankfully she has a great husband and they both have parents who would do anything for them so that must take a load off. I wish we lived closer so I could do more, but it's tough with two little ones of my own.

As I sit here and think about Karen I look to my right and can see my babies sleeping so peacefully on the video monitor. I am happy that she will soon have the joy of a baby of her own. The way it will change her home is both immediate and beautiful. I remember when I was very pregnant and longing to give birth to my first baby and I realize I had absolutely no idea what was coming. I wondered about it daily but when my son came it was so much more over the top amazing than I'd ever imagined. While babies are a lot of work, they're the most fulfilling job you'll ever have. It's the equivalent to waking up with sunshine even when it's raining outside and reminds me of a quote I love so much that I have it hanging in my home.

"A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty"

Go Karen!

"This is Top Chef, not Top Scallop!"

Very few shows hold my attention. Usually when they do it's because I find someone to hate. While I also found someone to hate on Top Chef, he's gone now and I'm still watching. It's a show my husband and I like to watch together, which is even more hard to come by.
This week we watched Top Chef Allstars. I'm not sure how I missed some of these seasons but some of these people were complete douches. There was a George Michael wanna be with the worst hair and eyebrows to match. He was, of course, 5'2", with a massive attitude cause all 5'2" "men" have massive attitudes. I mean, I'm pretty sure this guy needed a step stool to get into his car but he was loud like people were gonna forget. They also had the obligatory mean, chunky lesbian. No one liked her and I'm not sure why she was on this show, but I guess they had to fill the slots. It would probably be neat if we thought these people were as great as they did, but whatever.
Fabio from last season was the host. I hadn't liked him at first when we watched his show, but he grew on me over the season. He was the perfect host for this special. He was the fan favorite last year so people seemed to like him.

We watched the regular show last night as well and while I'm sad to see Robin go, I understood. She wasn't the best chef in the bunch and there seemed to be many who were much better than her, but it was nice that she tried with such little bravado. Most of this show feels like a cock fight so it was nice to see someone who wasn't apart of that. I thought most of the other contestants were dicks to her so I'm glad she stuck around for so long and that she shoved it up Mike's ass by staying while he went home. I'm also really tired of the brothers. We get it, sibling rivalry. I'm really not interested and it's annoying. Also, the younger one is a prick. He'll be the first one to tell us how unfairly he was portrayed. Whiner.

I don't think either of them is a better chef than Kevin, who should win. Eli almost went home last night for something he made that was apparently completely disgusting. I'm not sure why he thought that would be good but some things just shouldn't go together.

Captain Destructo!

My boy is the sweetest little guy ever, but he's a machine. He gives kisses and hugs all day, but can destroy almost anything in minutes. His wall has marks on it from the banging he does with his toys, his dresser drawers were broken before they even had clothes in them and I have, on more than one occasion, seen him banging his favorite doll's head against the window and now he's broken his Pottery Barn Roman shade. How is that even possible?

He's so hard on everything he has. I'm still letting him play with the big rigs he got for Christmas from my parents because I know he'll totally freak if he can't find them. They're missing wheels, the beds are busted. When he can't make the bed stay on the front part, he loses it and throws it across the room.

So, today I have to go out and find new window coverings for his room. I don't even know where to start. Do they have a section for things a two year old can't destroy? I just need something to keep out the sun and let him sleep. I'm sure he won't nap today with no curtains. I'm surprised he's still asleep now.
I look at that sweet face and can't imagine he could get into so much trouble. Maybe it's the shirt. He's tricky. Get it? He's tricky?
*EDIT* I was able to find some curtains for Owen's room that somewhat match his Pottery Barn bedding, that I love. I took down the Roman shade and hung them up just before nap time. Once the kids were in bed, I went downstairs and I swear I saw Owen swinging from his new curtains! If so, they won't last long. He's a heavy kid!
I'm at a loss.

Friday, November 6, 2009

My kid, the Rockstar!

We took Owen to see The Wiggles a couple of months ago and he had such a great time that when I heard they were coming back, and even closer this time, I knew we should try to take him again!

This time his Grandmother and little sister came as well. I had River strapped in the Bjorn the whole time so by the end of the show,it felt like I had her hanging from my neck. That made me tired and my husband had to chase Owen around for most o the show so he was exhausted from doing that. Owen isn't the kind of kid who stays in one place and watches the show. However, we had a really good time.

Owen worse his Wiggles t-shirt and I made a big sign on poster board to take with us that said "Owen loves The Wiggles!" I figured it's a fun thing to do and when Murray reads the signs, it's a good way to get him to say Owen's name and make him part of the show, which worked! We also brought pink roses for Dorothy! They come around and get them from the kids so it was another way to get him front and center which he seemed to enjoy. He liked handing the flowers over to the Wiggly dancer!

There is a part of the show when Sam & Murray walk through the audience and this time, Sam came right down our row! Chris told Owen to go give Sam high five and he did it! I was so impressed that he didn't shy away. He ran right up there like he knew him! It was great and I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get a quick picture!

I think it's kinda cool that Owen & River's first concerts are the same things. Granted, she's a little young but she had a good time right up til she freaked out and started digging in the bowl of puffs like she was on a deserted island! It's always fun when the Smith family traits come out. My kids can eat!

We had a great time and although we're Wiggled out for a while, I'm so glad we went and had a great time. We bought Owen a stuffed Wiggles guitar that I know he'll love and the picture above is priceless!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Reindeer Games

I've never been one of those girls with an endless need to belong. I have a really good sense of self worth and am capable of standing on my own and realizing I'm good enough for anyone. My mother always told me that it's good when people like you but if everyone likes you, you're doing something wrong. I've never been a fan of cliques and have often been drawn to all kinds of people from all different kinds of backgrounds for friends. My friends have always been diverse in many ways but for the most part, they always had one thing in common, they weren't full of shit. So when I find people I thought were my "friends" acting like 7th graders, it surprises me, I think.

My first mistake is that I use the word "friend" way too loosely and will change that as of this day. From today on, the people I call my friends will earn my friendship as I do theirs by treating me and my family with respect. I will be there for them when they need me and I expect the same. I don't care if our political views differ, if they're of a different race or if they sleep with their kids in a big family bed and have a "Diaper Free" home. However, I insist that they care if I live or die and that they respect my beautiful children, even when they misbehave.

I love my husband and love nothing more than hanging out with him after the kids go to bed. I find him endlessly interesting. He is, by far, the smartest man I have ever known. Sometimes I just like to listen to him talk. He might be surprised to hear this as he often gets the "put a period on it" when he's gone on too long but I really like that he always has something to say, even if it's a story I've heard ten times. However, a girl needs girls to talk to as well if only for the understanding that a man can never offer. Chris would never be able to have an educated discussion about mucus plugs, ligament pains or nursing and probably wouldn't want to. Somethings only another woman can understand. That being said, I have decided to cut my losses in the girlfriend department and admit to myself, they're just not that into me.

While I think there is nothing wrong with not always fitting in, there is something wrong with no one caring that you do. I've always been a bit different than most and it has never bothered me. I've always thought that the worst thing you can be is just like somebody else. Having people treat you and your children like an afterthought is hurtful. I don't care who you are. I'm a big girl and I can handle it it myself, but when I feel like it could possibly be directed at my children, I'm done.

I've had total shut off. My emotional detachment is complete. I'd been fighting it for a while, telling myself that I was playing the joiner for my kids but now I realize that I need to teach them a better lesson. People treat you how you allow them to treat you. If you allow people to walk all over you, act like you don't exist or to think that they're better than you, they always will. However, if you tell someone that they will treat you with respect or be alone, they'll treat you with respect because you demand it. The bottom line is, I'd rather be alone for the right reasons that have a million friends for the wrong reasons. My kids are good kids, even if others don't think so. They have personalities that make you smile and they're good friends to have. People should be lucky I've allowed them to spend any time at all with them as it is a privilege.
If my children get anything from me, I hope it's this: Don't walk around thinking you're better than anyone else because people hate assholes like that, but don't you ever think that anyone is better than you! And THAT, my friends is deserving of a big ole' high five!