Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oink, Oink, Oink.....

So after much inner debate, research, more inner debate, talks with my husband and much more reading up, I decided to get my children the H1N1 vaccine. While I feel it's necessary, I don't really have a warm and fuzzy about it.

Originally, I was totally against it because of what happened in the 70s, but it looks like there were other things going on there. I also didn't like the thought of a vaccine that was thrown together just in time for flu season. I worry less about Owen than I do River cause she's so tiny. So much smaller then he was at this age. However, I DO worry about them both and want the vaccine for both. Owen got the mist already but River has yet to get her shot.

One of the moms in a mom's group I'm in has a friend from college and her son has H1N1 and his family had a Facebook group where I could follow his progress. I had no idea that the things that family had to deal with happened to a person with swine flu. He was in the hospital, on a ventilator and from the sound of it, could have easily died. How can I follow that story of what I'm sure is a sweet 5 year old boy and look at my own beautiful children and not get the shot for them? I have to at least try to do what I can, right? I've heard people say "I'm not getting it for my kids because I don't think it was properly tested" While this may or may not be true, if it were life or death, you'd take whatever was offered, tested or not. I can't imagine turning down experimental action if I were stage 4 and suffering from something more serious, because it hadn't been "properly tested." I know that thought is an extreme, but it helps me know that I have to do whatever I have to do to make my children safer.
Anyhoo, starting at 8:20, I spent the better part of this morning with a cell phone in one ear and the house phone in the other dialing my ass off trying to get a shot for my baby. She's too young for the mist and I want to get this for her so I'll feel she's more protected. How can I look in her big beautiful blue eyes and not do everything I can to make that happen? I almost cried when I finally got through at almost noon and was told there were no more vaccines available. That is unacceptable.
I'm still searching, but am growing weary. There must be a better system. Hello health care reform? Yes, I know vaccines have to be grown and tested, but the Anne Arundel Health Department is like Mayberry. It feels like it's the first time they've given vaccines. Howard County seems to be much more organized.

Also, I get that people die every year from the seasonal flu, so stop telling me that. I'm not stupid, I get it.

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