Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Baby Girl's 1st Halloween!

What a difference a year makes! I took this picture of my pregnant belly as we walked home last Halloween after taking Owen trick or treating for the first time, well, the first time he could enjoy the experience or the candy. Now here he sits with his little sister for her first time trick or treating! I think they both had a great time.

We dressed them up as a Virginia Tech football player and cheerleader. It was the easy way out as we already had the clothes and accessories, but it wasn't my original plan. I was going to make River a flower but the headpiece got out of hand and I had to back off of it. Not my strong suit, but it needed to be done. By the time I finished that damn thing, her poor little neck could never have held it up. I have a knack for overdoing things.

Anyway, the costumes they DID wear, really got a workout this year. Between the hayrides, farm festivals and parties, I think they wore their costumes no less than 6 or 7 times. I was a washing fool! I was able to get tons of pictures of them and even had them taken professionally when I took River in for her 9 month pictures.

River seemed to have fun just riding around in the wagon and seeing other kids. She isn't ever up and certainly not out that late so it was a bit of a treat for her. She got a little fussy towards the end of the night, but it was over an hour past her bedtime when we finally put her down and she really likes to sleep. It's been a very busy 10 days or so for River. Two teeth, crawling, finger foods, trick or treating...lots of stuff happeneing for her. She's a busy girl!

Chris and I carved our own pumpkins, just like we do every year and then compare to see whose is best. They're both nice, just different. Owen likes to look at them when we're done and I know it's only a matter of time before he wants to help. God help us! We allowed him to have some candy after we checked it out. Chris and I made some deals at the kitchen table while we decided who would get the "good candy." I never knew we both liked Lemonheads so much.

Owen has been hopped up on sugar since early Friday morning for our 2nd annual playgroup Halloween party, which is always fun. He is a machine! My son is NEVER full! He can always eat. He ate a massive amount of candy corn. Every time I turned around, he had his hand in the bowl. He thought it was funny to keep sneaking them after I told him not to, over and over. I told him that he couldn't have the chocolate dipped pretzel stick and he seemed to listen. I was actually kind of impressed that he backed off of them. Until I got him home and was getting him ready for nap time only to find one of them stuck to the inside of his jersey. This meant that he'd gotten one when I wasn't looking, sucked on it a bit and then hid it under his shirt. Sneaky little fucker! I don't even want to think of the things my little River is going to learn from him.

Now that Halloween is over, I'm excited to make River some fresh pumpkin!

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