Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Will Make Miracles!

Every night when we put our son to bed, we read him 4 or 5 books. I don't mind the quantity of the books because until he was two, he wasn't even remotely interested, so I don't take the sweet, quiet time we have while reading for granted. I DO however care that they are quality books that he can learn something from.

On their travels, my brother and brother in law always find great books for the kids. I'm not sure where he got this book but my son totally loves it! It's called "I Will Make Miracles" by Susie Morgenstern with illustrations by Jiang Hong Chen. While I think the ending could be a little better, the idea of the book is about the great things that you're capable of, through the mind of a child.

It is a larger than usual book and the illustrations are beautiful! They were originally done on rice paper with Chinese ink with what looks like a large brush. I'm sure to see the original drawings would be breathtaking! I'm so glad the book is as large as it is to do these illustrations some justice.

Owen seems to really respond to this book and has really made it his own. As soon as we go in to lay down in bed, he points to it and I'm certain he wouldn't go to sleep without it, well, not willingly anyway. He loves to yell the end of every page and laughs out loud while he does it. "I'll be the number one magician!" "I'll give them all a chance to grow stronger!" He throws his fist in the air when he yells these things and I just love it! Good stuff.

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