Tuesday, October 20, 2009

God does not hate fags and women, no matter what the Catholic church says.

I've tried for years to not hate the Catholic church. I really did. I went out of my way to get married in one. I had my children both baptised in the same one and for a while, attended the same said church. I jumped in head first thinking, "I'm doing this for my kids." I wanted to give them the good part of religion. The part that says that you should love and respect each other and treat people the way that you want to be treated, but I'm starting to think that part doesn't exist anymore and the things I wanted them to learn, they're better off getting from home.

In a move that sadly isn't shocking to me, the Catholic church decided they'd welcome disillusioned members of the Anglican Communion, the Vatican announced that it is establishing a "special arrangement" that will allow Anglicans to join the Catholic church, including married priests." WTF? So, what they're basically saying is, "Hey, we hate fags and women too, come hang with us, where you're excepted as God loving, fag and women haters!" Times must be tough in the Catholic church when it's suddenly OK to be married. I guess hating fags and thinking women aren't worthy is more important. How is that all of the sudden a non-issue? Where does the church find all these women that say "Umm, yeah, we're just not good enough so we'll leave it to the much smarter men. They have penises!" Where do they find these stupid fucking women? These "walk 10 paces behind me women" are why we always come in second. We do it to ourselves.
Somewhere the God I believe in is screaming, "What are you assholes doing? Don't do that shit in my name!" Yeah he's cussing, cause he's pissed!
Also, I hate the new Pope. Ex-Hitler Youth! Yeah, I've heard it all, he didn't have a choice, blah, blah, blah. His family could have moved (as others did) if they were so torn by it. It seems to have served him pretty well.

Above is a picture of my husband and I on our wedding day, with our wedding party, in front of our church. This kind of bullshit makes me wish I'd gotten married outside. Bastards!

One more thing, just for the record, this didn't come easy for me. My Grandmother was a Dominican Sister and very religious. She loved God and served him her whole life and I can't help but think she wouldn't approve of what it's turned in to. With her, I know there is a good side to religion, but it's hiding somewhere these days. From this day on, the Catholic church will not see a dime more of my money. I hate them and think their way of thinking is everything that is wrong with the world. Keep preaching hate and see where it gets you. Bunch a bastards!

This is where I found this hallowed bullshit if you're interested:


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  1. Hi. I'm not sure if this site is appropriate to your readers or not, but it's an activist/parody/satire site against the Westboro Baptist Church. http://www.god-does-not-hate-fags.com lol