Saturday, September 12, 2009

Women are the worst

I often ask myself, sometimes out loud, "What is wrong with people?" I don't usually have the answer and I don't even expect one. It's really a rhetorical question when I see something so odd that I can't believe someone would do it. While on vacation in Virginia Beach over the last few days, I think I've finally found an answer that fits. People are assholes.

The weather all week was way less than desirable so we decide to go to a local mall where we heard there was an indoor play area. When we get there it was (of course) closed. This seemed to be a running theme for the week. Shitty weather, an aquarium that seemed to be under construction, everything closed and to top it off, those goofy Shriner's were having a convention and there were a million of them running around our hotel and up and down the street on those tiny bikes. I wanted to catch them in their Red Fezz hats but I never got the chance. My dad is a Shriner so I understand the goofiness of it all. A potentate from Jersey tried to indoctrinate my husband on the way out. It gave us a good laugh on the way home. Picturing my husband in that hat makes me giggle as I sit here. It wasn't all bad, we got to see my husband's sister and meet her new daughter, who is beautiful and so tiny. It is a misconception that all babies are beautiful. They are sweet and helpless but not beautiful. Marie is beautiful.

So we're at the mall and there is a kid there with her mother and she's probably about 9ish. She's wearing a big poofy skirt, pink cowboy boots and a red cowboy hat. Now I can tell at first glance that she is at that age where kids like to dress themselves. I don't think for a second that her mother suggested this ensemble. One of two things happened in their house on the way out the door. She either didn't feel like dealing with the argument that would en sew or she realized her daughter was trying to express herself and let it go. Letting your kids do this is very important. As cool as it would be, I'm not trying to raise another me. I want my kids to express themselves however they choose. As long as they aren't hurting anyone who cares?

As we sit there and I watch this kid with her mother thinking "in a few years, that's us," I hear the two women at the table near us commenting on what a terrible mother the lady is for letting her kid leave the house like that. WTF? I actually heard one of the chicks say, "that kid looks really stupid and all normal kids will make fun of her for wearing that shit." I think this is where I asked myself "What is wrong with people?" My assumption is that when this lady says "normal kids," she is referring to her own kids. I'm also assuming that since this woman is such a vapid bitch, that her children are terrible assholes who indeed would probably make fun of this girl for trying to be a little more interesting than the sheep she sees daily at school.

So while I have many thoughts, I'll keep it at how wonderful that a mother allows her daughter to be herself instead of imposing her own "style" on her. How wonderful that she gets a clean canvas and I hope I am free enough to be the same way with my own children and I'd also like to thank the evil skanks at the table next to me for showing me how much I've grown as a person. I may have wanted to pick up a chair and clock them in the back of the head, but I didn't do it. Yay me!

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