Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Wire

My husband and I like to find a TV series we both like and watch the whole thing. Before I met him I never watched The West Wing or The Sopranos. He suggested both shows and we watched all of the seasons in order one by one. Those ended up being two of the best TV shows I have ever watched and probably the best ever made. Needless to say, I try to be open minded about shows he chooses but it’s still tough for us to find a show we like and can agree on.

I absolutely refuse to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer even though he really loves it and asks me to often. I just can’t stand Sarah Michelle Geller. She annoys the shit out of me and I can’t imagine she can carry a whole show. We saw The Grudge and I thought her acting was so bad that it was distracting. I also think she looks like Fival the rat from An American Tail, but that's another post. I can’t watch shows about the end of the world or things that are so depressing that it make me worry or long for my children as I just don’t consider that entertainment. I’m a tough sell for new movies and series television.

We finally decided on a show that we could watch together. It’s called The Wire and it was filmed in Baltimore. The show ended in March 2008 with 60 episodes over a 5 year run. It’s about police Detectives and the people they follow and investigate. It’s really, really good. It’s the kind of show you find yourself thinking about during the day and wondering what is going to happen to the characters. I've actually found myself thinking, "Oh, I hope he makes it. I like him" WHAT? They're all drug dealers and murders! I have to check myself often with this show. Most of it is related to the kids who stand on the corners and sell drugs in the city and the people they work for. The detectives follow them, listen to them on wiretaps and investigate where the money goes. It is interesting to see how new characters move in and ultimately leave the show one way or another. We are in the 5th and final season now and I’m sad it’s almost over but the politics and how really screwed up and cheap it can be and the way stories are told in the Baltimore Sun are interesting additions to end the series.
The character development in this show is interesting. They tell you just enough about each person that is relevant to keep it interesting. The detectives are actually really interesting and it helps that most people have good and bad things about them. No one is perfect. Even the good guys do some really stupid shit that they couldn’t have thought was going to end well. The main detective's name is McNulty and a British guy plays him, which is just fabulous. I love hearing a British guy using his best Baltimore accent, hon. He’s an alcoholic mess who enlists his kids to help him follow a drug dealer. He’s way off, but makes the show that more real cause most people are.

I can’t wait to see the end.

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