Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Don't you think we've gone way off the deep end of political correctness? Is there anything that won't offend people?

Some things should offend you. Holocaust jokes, 9/11 jokes, someone making fun of your kids or criticizing your dead Grandmother, these are things that should offend you, but some things just aren't offensive and if you're easily offended by every day life, maybe you should just keep your ass at home, locked away where nothing can hurt or offend you. Message boards are one of these places where people just look for things to have a problem with. Unless your lifelong friends live in your computer, I don't see how you can take everything you read online as the gospel and get so bent out of shape by it.

If you feel like someone is going out of their way to offend you, get angry. I get that, but don't try to speak for others by saying "some people might get offended by this." Own what you're saying from behind that curtain. You're obviously the one who is offended, so say that. Also, is it really offensive if someone offers to bring whitefish when you have your son circumcised by a Moyel? Did I miss something?

I think the world just needs to grow a pair.


  1. What happened Michelle? Whitefish is a very popular food among Jews (although I can't stand it!) but when did you go to a bris?

  2. Ha! I didn't. We had a mom on our Annapolis Moms board get offended that someone offered to bring "Maneschevitz and maybe a nice smoked whitefish" to a kind of Bris. I just wasn't sure that was possible.

    Between you and me, I had to Google Maneschevitz. Never heard of it.