Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Photographs

I started taking pictures in the 5th grade. I took it as an elective class at Ford Green Elementary and I just never looked back. Let's just say my love of photography lasted much longer than that building stood in Nashville. It was a lot different back then. I had to crack my film in a dark box with arms and develop it in chemicals that I can still smell. I continued to do this through high school with an excellent commercial arts teacher who was born to inspire and into college in New York with some of the biggest and finest enlargers I have ever seen.

I still take a great amount of pictures. It's almost a sickness. My husband bought me an excellent camera about two years ago and I just went wild. I always have my camera with me at all times and use it daily. Some may say I take too many pictures but I can't imagine thinking I've taken too many pictures of my kids. I have over 1200 pictures on my camera that I can't upload until I get this done so I'm in a rush before I fill up my card. I've never filled up my car and have had well over 1500 photos on there before so we'll see. I'm sure my mother is pissed she hasn't seen pictures of the kids in a while, but I'm working on it. So many photos! "One is too many and a thousand is never enough." Well, until your computer implodes.

It is time for a new computer. I have zero room for anything else to fit on it and have been copying all of my pictures and important things for weeks. I think I finally finished last night. 27 DVD+R's later and I'm finally finished. I'm also backing them up on an external hard drive this weekend so I'll have them in two places. I hate taking them from my computer but I feel like it has to be done. I like having them a click away and now they won't be.
On the upside, I'll have a new computer, a blank canvas if you will and I'll start filling that puppy up as soon as it's plugged in. My husband is making me wait til October for this new operating system that he uses at work to be released to the public. I'm waiting.........

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