Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My boy!

Owen is set to start school in January, so I want to use this time we have before then to do things with him that we might not have the time to do after that. I signed him up for some classes. One is a music class that we will take on weekends with his father. It's age appropriate and lets him run around, beat on musical instruments and sing. Things he loves to do. He also has his ballet class that he and I take once a week.

Because we were all sick, we missed the first music class so I took him this week to a makeup class. I wasn't a huge fan. I didn't hate it I just think it would be nice to find a music class with some balls. While I know kids love soft music and "being a tree" as it were, it would be nice to hear a beat. What is wrong with a drum beat? Owen loves to dance to music that jolts him a bit. I think most parents or teachers think that's a no no. Whatever, I know when he's a little older, I'll find a hip hop class for him to let loose in. We'll bide our time for now.

The ballet class was pretty much what I expected. There were maybe 12 kids and only one other boy. He had some friends in there, which was nice. I had to try his footless tights and slippers on earlier in the week to make sure everything fit and he was not a fan. I was supposed to tie his hair back but we was just not having it. Owen spent more time running around the room looking at himself in the mirror and throwing himself on the mat, but again, it's what I expected. I didn't expect him to leave this class on his tippy toes. Owen just never stops running. I'm glad we're taking it and I hope after a few classes he settles down a bit and learns to listen. A girl can dream, right?.

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