Saturday, September 26, 2009

Larriland Farms

We took the kids to Larriland Farms today. Our friend Laura has taken her daughter there and she always says how much they like it so I thought it was a good outdoor activity we could all do together as a family. It's a farm and orchard where you can pick your own fruits, vegetables and flowers. Today we picked apples and red raspberries. I think they had 5 or so different kids of apples and two kids of raspberries. I'll be honest, I'm not really a big fan of apples and I wouldn't just sit down and eat an apple, unless it was Granny Smith and even that's a rare event. I went for the experience. I thought Owen would have a good time and it's always nice to do things on the weekend so Chris can go with us. Also, I really liked the raspberries.

They had everything separated into sections and you grab a bag or box and go pick what you like and then you pay for what you pick at each field. We saw people eating apples in the field. Grown adults basically stealing food. It was tacky, but you can't wish class on someone. I mean Owen ate some raspberries, but he's 2. We also told him over and over again not to do it, but like I said, he's 2!

I liked how everything was on his level. He could pick his own apples and berries and seemed to really love doing it. He would pick an apple and run over to me with a huge smile on his face and drop it into the bag. He might have had more fun if he'd put down his sippy cup and toy truck, but whatever. It wasn't a fight worth having. The weather didn't look like it was going to hold out but we were able to get our day done without getting wet. I dressed the kids warmly while forgetting to do it for myself, but I survived. It also gave me another opportunity to put River in her sock monkey outfit, which is just so friggen cute!
Next year I'd like to try to go earlier. We missed peach season by a few weeks and I just LOVE peaches! The only question that remains is "WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH ALL THESE FRIGGEN APPLES?"

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