Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beach Bunny

We went on our first family vacation, with River, to Virginia Beach. My SiL lives there so we used the vacation as a reason to go down and meet her new daughter. While it rained most of the trip, we still had a nice time. If there is even a little bit of sun while you're on a beach, it is impossible to take bad pictures. Hell, you just need it to be a bright day. Overcast days are sometimes the best. I hate sand, but I love taking pictures of it!

It was River’s first trip and first beach vacation. Since she’d never seen the ocean before, it was nice to take her to see the moving water, which she didn’t seem afraid of at all. I dipped her little feet in the cool mini waves and she didn't even flinch! She also didn’t seem to have a problem with the sand. We weren’t able to spend the whole week on the beach because of the rain, but the time we did spend there was very nice and warm. Chris was able to take a swim and we were able to get Owen as close to the water as he would allow. River also sat in a resaturant high chair for the first time. Owen's first time sitting in a restaurant high chair was on HIS first beach vacation as well so that was kinda funny.
We bought Owen a Blue Angel jet, which he loves and the cutest sock monkey sweater, jumper for River. It got a little cool so we needed something warm for her. We were able to take some family pictures on the beach. On a rainy day, we took the kids to the Virginia Aquarium. They had a nice shark tank, which got us a little too close to the sharks. I think Owen thought it was pretty cool and we got to touch a sting ray. They're pretty slimy feeling in case you're curious. I thought it was gross and wasn't a big fan. It was nice to be able to spend the time away with the family. I know the kids like it when Chris doesn't have to leave for work. Yay for family time!
Also, today is our wedding anniversary! Happy anniversary baby! It never gets old.

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