Sunday, August 2, 2009

Who loves ya baby?

There is nothing more beautiful than watching my children together. They don’t really “play” together yet since she’s only six months old, but they sure seem to have fun together.

When we first brought River home, Owen was interested but not afraid or jealous. He is very good with her and really always has been. There have been a few times that he seems visibly upset because she was using something that had been his. The swing was the first. We put River in the swing and Owen just stood there, looking at her like he saw his youth passing by and then cried an odd cry that I’d never really heard from him. I think he was hurt and needed extra loving. Another was recently when I gave River her first sippy cup of formula. While it was a new BPA free cup, it looked just like his old ones and he cried and cried. I mean, he already had a cup of milk in his hand, he just wanted hers as well. I think he got past it, which he usually does quickly without holding a grudge. He seems to lover her so.

River seems completely amused by him. He will dance and sing around the room, like always and she just watches him and she giggles out loud. She never seems to get tired of watching him. I think she is learning a lot by watching him and it is fun to see her wheels turning while learning from him. I think it will be interesting to see how much earlier she does things since she has him to learn from. He had to go it alone and she’s lucky enough to have a big brother who has done it all already.

Sometimes he will go over to her and touch her face and in a high-pitched voice say ”Hi Baby River”, it really is very sweet. I didn’t think he would be like that. I guess because he’s so big, I thought he’d be rough with her or jealous. I was worried he’d accidentally hurt her while getting a toy from her that was his, but he’s just never done that. When she DOES have a toy he wants, he very carefully takes it from her. He’s the gentle giant and I didn’t see it coming. I’m glad I was wrong.

There is nothing sweeter than hearing Owen in the next room talking to his sister in the high-pitched voice that he reserves only for her and to hear her giggle back is priceless. The kisses he gives her a million times a day are a beautiful, beautiful thing.

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