Friday, August 14, 2009

Ultra HD Flip Video

I’m always complaining to my husband that we don’t take enough video of the kids. We have video cameras and they just aren’t convenient so I don’t carry them with me. Today my husband gave me a birthday gift that put an end to all my bitching, which I think was his master plan. I'd never even heard of this before my brother's visit. He had one and seemed to really like it.

My husband bought me an Ultra HD Flip video camera for my birthday. Pure Digital makes it and it totally rocks! It holds up to 120 minutes of video, and plugs directly into my computer. It has 8 GBs of memory with a 2.0 large screen. I’ve made something like 17 videos so far and have not one single complaint about it. I love greeting my kids after a nap with a video camera to capture their sweetness..

We’ve used our “fancy” video recorder for things like births and baptisms, but don’t pull that thing out often. I carry my SLR in my diaper bag every time I leave the house and I will keep this with me as well. I don’t usually miss much with my SLR and I can imagine I won’t miss anything with this Flip as well. All part of my master plan. Total domination of my family’s likenesses. It is never ending. It would probably be a lot easier if they weren’t so damn cute!

There is no such thing as too many pictures or videos of your kids. I have no excuse for missing anything ever again. I’m a video makin fool!
Also, Happy Birthday to me........

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