Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga.............

Before my son was two, I did everything I could to get him to watch TV, but he just wasn't interested. I don't mean lay around all day watching TV while I did my nails and ate bon-bons, I just wanted him watching quality television that he could learn something from. I started out with Sesame Street, which isn't what it used to be but he just refused to watch it. It was sometime right before his second birthday that he discovered The Wiggles.

I'd heard a bit about the Wiggles so I looked them up on my DVR and recorded a few shows. I watched them w/o him to make sure they weren't as bad a a big purple dinosaur or as boring as Dora. I was surprised how good they were for children's programing. We started watching them together and Owen was immediately hooked. I shouldn't have been surprised as anything with music seemed to immediately attract Owen. He started learning things from them as soon as we started watching. He danced around the room and repeated everything that came out of their mouths and soon had us shopping for a guitar of his own to play along with Murray.

I soon found myself shopping for the collection of Wiggles dolls, adding DVDs and CDs to his Amazon Wishlist and signing both my children up for the Wiggles fan club. The Wiggles fan club is how I found out that they were going on tour. When I searched for these tickets, you would have thought it was Duran Duran's final tour. I looked for these things and kept checking back to see if they were coming closer to us than PA. I figured the tour schedule that was out was all there was going to be, so I bought the tickets. We got there in just under two hours and were able to buy Owen a bunch of Wiggles stuff before the show.

The lights went down and my cameras came out. I was able to take a lot of video of Owen and the show. They mentioned many times that they thought parents videoing or taking pictures was a good idea. I'm not sure why but it was words to my friggen ears. Owen was afraid when the music first started cause he'd never been to anything like this before. He jumped in my lap, buried his head and held on tight. He came around quickly when he heard "Big Red Car."

It was worth every penny and we all had a great time and are planning to take him again when they're at The Verizon Center in November. I can't wait! I loved watching Owen sing and dance and clap his hands. He learned all of that from them so it was a full circle moment. I actually felt a little teary when he was in my lap and I saw him realizing that the people in front of him on the stage were the same people he watches and sings with every day. He also enjoyed something I never let him do. All the popcorn he could eat and he took FULL advantage.
Probably the best park of the whole thing was the next morning when I was getting Owen changed and he refused to leave his room before I put his Wiggles shirt on him.

Good stuff.

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