Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sweet Baby Jayce!

Our friend Angie had her baby boy today, well last night. It seemed like she was pregnant forever. She looked great the whole time and slowly got bigger, but it was all baby. Her ass never got big and her face looked the same for the entire pregnancy. Bitch.

Anyhoo, I visited them at the hospital tonight and got to hold that sweet baby. Even with a 7 month old, you forget how tiny babies are. While my kids were never that small, he's still over 8 pounds so he's big for a baby. Still, he seemed so small. He has the sweetest little hands. I love baby hands and feet and still take many pictures of the feet of my children, when they'll let me. It's harder to get a good picture than you might think.

This sweet baby couldn't happen to a better family. Angie is a wonderful person and her husband is a joy. She's lucky she found him first. If I'd found Chris back in the day, I'd have been all over his ass like a bad polyester suit!

But I digress, all of her babies are beautiful and I'm not surprised this one is any different.

Way to go Angie!

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