Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's a Wonderful Life!

My mother’s favorite movie is “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It is one of my favorites as well and I make a point to watch it every year. What an interesting idea. It always makes me wonder what would be different if I weren’t here. The saddest part of this thinking is that neither one of my children would be here and that is something that I just can’t imagine.

I didn’t win the congressional medal of honor and I didn’t rescue my father’s Building and Loan but I go out of my way, every day to be a damn good mother and I can’t think of one thing that is more important than that. I could work full time and bring home a million dollars a year, but would I really know my kids? I drive a Honda and it’s the perfect car for us. Would I be a better person if I strived to drive a more expensive car or bought a car for my spare time that my kids didn’t fit in? Would I be a better parent if I only shopped at high-end stores for my kids? I love it when mothers buy clothes they can’t really afford for their kids so their friends will think they can. It’s just laughable. I just don’t have that in me. Hell, I didn’t have that in me in high school. I never had a need to “keep up with the Joneses” and it turns me off when people feel the need to present themselves as more than they are to make themselves look better to others.

I just want to be a good mother to my kids because they deserve it. Even when Owen is driving my crazy, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Sometimes when I put River down at night, I can’t believe it’s been a whole day again. I miss my kids when they sleep and the thought of not having them here with me is something I can’t really even bring myself to think about. The truth is, I really do have a wonderful life. I have beautiful kids and a husband that adore me. I have family that supports me and wants great things for me. What’s more wonderful than that?

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