Sunday, August 2, 2009

Danny Boy......

On a recent trip back to Nashville, I decided to stop by the cemetery to visit my grandparents. The cemetery is right outside the city and although I don’t get there often, I always try to make a stop here when I’m visiting. My grandparents died in 1977 and 1983 and for some reason I am always able to drive straight to their graves. I feel like I forget everything, but I always remember right where they are, on a hill, overlooking downtown Nashville.

This visit was a bit different as it was the first time I’d been there since I’d had the kids. I was visiting this time as a parent and it just felt more like a learning experience for the kids to know a little about their great grandparents. Now my son is only two so I know he didn’t understand what I was telling him, but I told him anyway. I explained who they were to me and to him and how wonderful they were. I wanted him to know that the names on the stone were also names that he and his sister had and that they were very special names. As we drove away, I found myself playing one of my grandmother’s favorite songs in the car. It was the same song I had played in the church when I got married because she couldn’t be there. It is a beautiful old Irish song. I attached it below.

I plan to take them again when they’re older and hopefully even when they are adults so they can see where Momma came from and who was important to her when she was growing up. It’s always important to know where you came from and although there are no real winners or losers in the game a life, it must be a great accomplishment for your grandchildren to still be telling their children, whom you never even got a chance to meet, how wonderful you were well over 25 years after you're gone.

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