Sunday, August 16, 2009

Alone time

How old do kids have to be before you let them play outside alone?

My husband and I have had countless conversations on this since I was pregnant with our first child. It is one of the only real differences we have on parenting. I mean, I like to know where my dog is at all times and he thinks I’m going to let my son play outside without me? Not likely.

I understand that at some point, this has to happen. We have a park up the street that when he’s 10 or so, he should be able to ride his bike to so he can play…Oh, but wait a minute. He can’t do that because of the child sexual offender who leaves two houses down from the same park. If my son has to pass a child molester’s house on the way to the park, he ain’t goin! Is it smart to even let him play where I can’t see him, knowing this villain is just up the street? I mean, at least I know about this pig. How many others that live around here that I don’t know about, totally creep me out.

When I was in the 3rd and 4th grade, I walked what must have been well over a mile to get to my school. All of my friends seemed to do it as well and we usually walked almost the whole way together until we split up to go to our separate streets. But that was (Jesus) about 30 years ago. I would never allow Owen to do that now. Times have changed and something can happen in an instant that could change our lives forever. It just isn’t worth it to me. Things like this are why I am a stay at home Momma. I want to drive my kids to school. That’s my job.

One of my sister’s Girl Scout buddies was abducted, raped and murdered while out delivering cookies when we were kids. They just found the jackass that did it and put him in jail last year. I’ve always followed this story online over the years and I’m glad they finally put that pig in prison but stuff like this just sticks with you. I was 10 when Adam Walsh was abducted and I’ve never forgotten it. How do you leave your kids alone outside, while shopping in a mall or even at your local market after seeing what happened to these kids? I just don’t want to be too over protective and make him hide things from us.

I just don’t have the answer

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  1. You let them play outside alone with a momma's watchful eye from afar. That's about as "alone" as Alexa will be from me. I let her play outside on our deck alone but she doesn't realize I am watching from inside. She gets her freedom and I get my peace of mind.

    I remember that Walsh story too and that kind of thing scares the hell out of me. I may let her climb to chilling heights and do stunts on bikes and skiis but I will always know where she is. There is no compromise in that area for me.

    Very adorable pic of Owen with Chris, btw.