Monday, July 13, 2009

What THIS mom knows....

What THIS mom knows.....

I know that no matter how bad I feel when I wake up, that I will smile as soon as I see my happy son and his endless energy.

I know that my daughter will smile and giggle through her crib as soon as I walk into her room.

I know that my husband always has my back, even if I might not be right.

I know that I am a very lucky mom and I have a wonderful life.

I know that I will always worry about my mother.

I know that when my house is hot, I feel poor and when my house is cold, I feel over indulged. Not sure why that is.

I know that to be embarrassed by your family is a waste of time.

I know that I will always hate trailers and that will never change.

I know that I always want a dog in the house, even if it drives me crazy. It just makes me feel safer.

I know that when I make something, I love it more than if I bought it. Even if buying it takes 1/4 of the time and is sometimes cheaper.

I know that I like when things work. I don't want to know how they work, I just want them to work.

I know that the most beautiful sight I have ever seen are the eyes of my children when they are smiling.

I know I will never stop taking pictures. One is too many and 1,000 is never enough. It's an addiction I can live with.

I know that whenever I am a bit stressed, I will always chew on the inside of my mouth and look for my Chapstick.

I know that I am lucky to be able to stay home with my children.

I know that I feel like I've earned my pillow when I put two beautiful, happy, healthy and content children to bed.

I know I'm lucky to have two healthy babies.

I know I will never be sad when my son jumps from my lap to greet his daddy at the door. This is as it should be.

I know I am glad I have a video monitor. I have no idea how you raise children without them.

I know I like a clean house and get stressed at a messy one.

I know I love watching my children sleep.

I know I can't wait for my daughter to be able to play with my son. He seems to really love her.

I know I'm the luckiest of Mommas!

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