Tuesday, July 28, 2009

River's 6 month pictures

Today we had River’s 6 months pictures taken. She is absolutely beautiful! She certainly got the best of both of us. I put her in a beautiful dress that I picked up at Gap Kids. I love it, which doesn’t happen often. It has brown in it and I usually run screaming from baby clothes that are brown as they’re usually hideous, but this dress is nice and people actually stop to tell us how much they love it.

I always take Owen along for River’s pictures and try to get just one good one of them together at the end. It is a bit of a nightmare as Owen refuses to sit still, but we usually can get it done. Today I took Owen’s favorite book with us and asked him to read it to River and he did. The same guy always takes our pictures and he did a great job today.

I have the kids pictures taken every three months until they’re two and then once a year or for special occasions. Chris always complains about the money I spend on pictures and how often I have them done when I take so many pictures already. I know it seems like a lot but I can’t imagine he’ll complain when River is 16 and trying to take her friend’s for a spin in his car or Owen is 17 and trying to give us the sassy smart mouth. We’ll love to relive the time when they were young and weren’t talking much yet or when they weren’t able to run away cause they didn’t want to hear what we had to say.

She was so beautiful today with her pink bow in her hair. Who wouldn’t want to remember that?

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