Friday, July 31, 2009

Time Wasted...revised.

President Obama had a “backyard summit” yesterday with the black Harvard professor and the white cop who arrested him in his home after someone reported that she saw two men breaking into the home they were entering. It was the professor’s home and I guess he was having trouble getting in and used his knee. The woman who called in said she didn’t know if it was a break in, just that it looked odd. The cop gets there and enters the home and I guess the professor didn’t like being questioned in his own home and over reacted a bit. The cop arrests him. Both are probably good men who went a little overboard. I get the whole story right up until the “backyard summit.” WTF? Aren’t there more pressing things on his plate? Did this really need to happen?

Look, I voted for the guy, but I have some suggestions. How about fixing this crappy economy you were left with? How about doing what you said you’d do and make it so highly educated linguists who speak Arabic aren’t kicked out of the military because they’re gay? What say you just get rid of ‘don’t ask don’t tell all together?” If you really feel like you have a lot of time on your hands, how about you send me the welcome letter for my daughter I requested 6 months ago? I only asked three times!
Stop wasting your time on meaningless drivel. This doesn’t “advance race relations” This doesn’t advance our country any. Do something that is actually going to help us. Having a beer with Joe Biden, a Harvard professor and a cop, does nothing for us. It just sounds like the beginning of a joke.

*EDIT* I stand corrected. I didn't realize the Professor was arrested after they proved he was in his own home and for disorderly conduct. That's ridiculous. I'm sure he was pissed to be questioned in his own home when he was doing nothing wrong and he has a right to be. I'm sure he was over the top furious as I know I would have been. Once you realize I live there and no crime was committed, get the fuck out of my house! Also, why did Obama even comment on it? He should have said nothing as it just wasn't his place. I think he was on the right side, but it still wasn't his business to address it.

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