Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Taking the kids to Airport park

We hadn't been to the park at the airport in a long time. Probably last summer and before I was even pregnant with River. Owen never seemed to care about the airplanes landing right next to the play area and just played like he was at any other park. He would occasionally turn his head in a half acknowledgement that the planes were even there. However, today was different.
We had to go to Walmart to get a few things for some kids that our friend Michelle (from our mom's group) had adopted for back to school items. Walmart is right in the landing path for the airport and we often go there and hang out in the parking lot to see the planes landing. Over the winter months and into summer, Owen has really started to go crazy over planes. Sometimes we go to Walmart only to see the planes. Today after we shopped, we sat in the parking lot for a while to see if we could catch a few landing. Six planes in a row flew right over our heads and Owen's excitement seemed to grow. Then I remembered the park. After a search of my GPS and a call to a friend, we found the park. I immediately took Owen over to the semi covered area to see a few planes land and he just pointed at the planes, giggled with excitement and once the planes had passed him by, turned to see if he saw another shinny object in the sky.
We watched 3 or 4 planes land I then we walked over to the play area. I've never been a fan of this play area because A/ I think people go in the woods to either buy or do drugs and B/ instead of mulch, it is covered with recycled tires. A+ for effort, but the tires smell in the heat and they get black mess all over your kids clothes. It's one of those things that's great in theory but in practice, not so much. Also it's summer so school is out and kids that are too big to be playing there are all over that play area and it makes it unsafe for the little ones. I would have complained to a parent, but their parents were nowhere to be found. I guess they thought they were as annoying as I did and just wanted them out of the house. Great parenting!
For once, Owen wasn't interested in playing on the playground and just wanted to sit, watch the planes come in, ramble on about said planes and then wave as the planes went by. I wasn't complaining about this because I had River as well and wanted to keep my eye on her while she was in the stroller. So, we stayed for a little over an hour and watched 20+ planes come in. If you have one of these in your area, I highly recommend it because kids, especially little boys LOVE planes! It's just one of those great things to share with your kids.

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