Friday, July 17, 2009

Sand tables

Am I the only one who hates them? Whenever we go to a playdate and someone has one, no matter how much I know or like them mom, I always find myself looking and them and thinking, what is it about that mo that makes the horrible mess of sand, not bothersome to them at all? How am I that different? Everyone seems to have one except for me.

When I break it down, I'm really not bothered by a lot of it. If one of his friend's poured sand on Owen, I wouldn't be upset. If someone throws sand in the pool, I'm not upset. I think it's just the feeling of the sand on my skin. I hate that. I hate the gritty feeling and how dry it makes my hands feel. It also makes me feel dirty and I can't understand how you keep the sand out of the house. Karen's house today was spotless. I even looked for sand in the carpet and nothing. I just will never have one of those at my house. I know if we had one that I'd find sand in my shoes, in the soap and even in the milk container. It would be everywhere.
Bubbles, on the other hand, bubbles are where it's at! My son gets excited when the bubble machine comes out and bounces up and down in anticipation! They keep the kids entertained and they don't really create a mess. Owen could watch and chase them forever! He tries to catch them and stand in front of the machine that blows them out and let the wind blow bubbles into his long blond hair. Sometimes I look at him and his hair is filled with bubble juice! It means he'll need a bath but at least I won't be digging sand out of his butt crack.

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