Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sand and Water intervention.

I had an intervention of sorts today. I have always thought sand tables to be the dumbest thing you could buy for a kid. They drag sand all over your yard, your kid brings that gritty shit inside and you spend forever getting that crap out of your carpet only to find it later in your sock drawer or make up bag. That shit gets everywhere. I would think you’d be digging sand out of your kid’s asscrack every time they played with the stupid thing.

Today Owen played at Laura and Alexa’s house while I took River to class with me. When I left, I could hear him screaming, “Momma, Momma!” I was sad to leave him but knew he’d come around and have fun with those two because he always does. When I got back to their house to pick him up, he was on the deck with them, playing with the sand & water table and having a wonderful time! Laura didn’t have a sand side and a water side, she just had the whole thing filled with water and a bunch of toys floating in it. It made me see the table in a whole new light. Owen loved it and I decided then that I had changed my mind completely and would tell my husband we should think about getting one for him. So, I’m now in the market for what three days ago I swore up and down that I would never buy. I’m still not buying sand for it because I truly hate sand and just don’t want to deal with that gritty mess. Sand belongs on a beach!

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  1. Hey, awesome that you're blogging. Thought I'd check it out. : ) It was definitely sad for a while there when you recommendation: provide him with a traveling guitar because when Grant started playing, oh did the smiles come (hesistantly as they may have been).

    And I wanted to share with you...while Owen may have been having so much fun with Alexa and the water table it was the cutest thing in the world when he saw you behind him...his eyes lighting up and running so sweetly into your arms. That was definitely a moment. : )