Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sand and Water table....full circle.

So, we’ve come full circle with the whole sand and water table thing. I spent months hating on them, quietly (I think) cursing them when I saw them, and secretly smiling when Owen didn’t seem that interested. Now he has one.

While I would have bought one for him and even went looking, but couldn’t find one this late in the summer, I found one on Free Cycle. It was in great shape and just needed a good scrubbing. It doesn’t have the top so I’ll have to empty it every time we use it as not to develop a mosquito colony on my deck.

I set it up and filled both sides with water (because I HATE sand as previously stated) and put some of Owen’s toys in it. Then I waited for him to wake from his nap. I left him in his diaper cause what’s the point in wasting a swim diaper in my own backyard if no one is looking? When he saw that thing on the deck, he went “OOOOhhhhhhhh!” He was very excited and splashed till his heart was content. Well, not really, he screamed like a banshee when I brought him in, but I was getting hot. He then proceeded to do his drop to the floor and scream routine, but the joke was on him. Momma hadn't vacuumed in days so he was covered from head to toe in black dog hair. Take that Wally Whiner!

My only question about it is how do you keep your gigantic kid from crawling into it and buckling the legs? He id not understanding that he just can’t do that.

Thanks Laura and Alexa for making me see the light!

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