Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rules for my Owen

Always stand up for what you believe in.

Be respectful of women.

Be kind to your sister, she looks up to you.

Do your own laundry.

Listen to your grandparents; they know what they’re talking about.

Always know that your parents are very proud of you.

Study hard.

Don’t be lazy.

Don’t settle for just any girl, wait for the best.

Be a friend your buddies can rely on.

Say “Please” and “Thank you”

Learn how to cook.

Don’t pee on the seat.

Never be ashamed of your family, it’s a waste of time.

Learn how to swim, it’s important.

Never let anyone tell you who you are.

Tell people you love them often.

Never apologize for what you believe.

Don’t be afraid to stand alone.

Take care of family pictures.

Don’t let a week go by where you haven’t talked to your sister.

Love like it can’t possibly hurt.

Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

Strive to be an excellent father. It’s what is most important.

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