Tuesday, July 21, 2009

River's Baptismal pictures

I had my daughter’s baptism pictures taken today by the same guy that does all of our pictures. He’s like a magician. He is the only person besides me who can get a good picture of Owen because Owen listens to him or he at least is so interested in him that he watches what he’s doing. But today wasn’t about Owen, it was about River and she did GREAT!

I took Owen’s baptism picture in with me because I wanted the picture to be framed the same and I wanted the shot from the same vantage point. I wanted them to look similar hanging on the wall together. I didn’t even care if she smiled or not as Owen didn’t smile in his and he looked beautiful. She wore the same baptismal gown that I bought for him but in her pictures she allowed me to put her baptismal hat on as well.

As it turns out, River smiled in every single picture today. She was in a very good mood and as soon as he said her name, she giggled like crazy. I’m kind of sad that this baptismal gown won’t come out again until one of them has kids. I remember searching everywhere for a gown that wasn’t too girlish but was still a gown. I wanted something that had an Irish feel to it. I finally found it online at http://www.shepherdscradle-christening.com/cb420gl.html. It is a traditional cotton sateen bishop's gown / heirloom Baptismal gown ornamented with Venice lace and pin tucking on the gown and long sleeves and it is absolutely beautiful!

Her baptism on June 28th was a wonderful day and I’m glad I have these pictures to remember how beautiful she looked.

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