Wednesday, July 22, 2009

River uses a sippy cup for the first time

River turned 6 months old two days ago so I decided to introduce a sippy cup for her lunch.
Owen took months to warm up to a sippy cup but River only took one try. How is that even possible? She went right for it like it was just a normal thing. I truly believe that girls just come by this whole learning thing was easier than boys. I got the same kind I got for Owen. It was the only one he would drink out of for months and the first one he picked up and used by himself. I remember it well because it was after I bought over 15 or so, trying to find one he’d use. The NUK from Walmart is the way to go.

She even held it with her own tiny little hands. I tell ya, this kid is a friggen angel! It was nice to lay with her while we watched Days of Our Lives together while she enjoyed her first milk in a sippy cup. Good times.
Owen was not as happy with River's new accomplishment. I think he cried for about 10 minutes while pointing at River and what he thought was his milk. I guess it's fair. He has been the only one using little cups until now and the one I bought her is identical to him favorite cup. He's only human. Poor thing.

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