Monday, July 20, 2009

Our will...mission accomplished

We met with our attorney this morning to finalize our will. Even with all the questions we ask and the joking around we do (cause that’s how we roll) it is still an odd and sad thing to discuss what happens to your babies in the event of your death. The kids stayed with Karen, Cooper and Baby Jane while we did this so it made it a lot easier. I'm sure I would have gotten really upset if I'd had to discuss these things in front of them. I went in to ask our attorney a few questions before we finished the will, back when I was pregnant with River and Owen was with me and I got upset then, so I can only imagine.

Who gets the kids, who handle the money, who gets our stuff, it’s a daunting conversation. We decided to set it up so there would be no hurt feelings between our children should they be old enough to have the discussion about who gets our things. My thought was to add letters to the will to explain a few things regarding what is sentimental to me as it was passed down to me and would be saved for them if I were alive. I don’t want my grandmother’s china to go to the dump because the kids don’t know the significance of it. I just don’t want them to be upset or argue with each other about who gets what. The thought of their relationship being ruined because we left more of our sentimental things to one child than the other is unacceptable.

The thought of my children arguing over my wedding jewelry is a very upsetting thought for me. My natural instinct is to leave that kind of thing to River because she is a girl, but maybe it would be just as sentimental to Owen. Maybe he would someday want to give it to his wife. I don’t know. It’s a lot to think about. Hell, maybe neither of them wants it. I couldn’t even address my wedding dress. Hopefully all this is moot and they’ll both be well over 18 before we even have to think about any of this stuff. It’s nice to have the will done though. At least we know if anything were to happen that they’re covered both financially and physically.
One more thing, we're at the attorney's office and there is a quiet desk in the back with a rather prim lady sitting there who turns out to be our attorney's daughter. We learned this when she came in to witness our signing of the will. I walked by her at her desk on the way in and I swear she was wound so tight she could probably hold an egg salad sandwich between her knees with very little effort. On her desk is a lamp. It's kind of an antique looking lamp with a horn for the base. Who buys that? I couldn't help but wonder if she'd ever tried to blow it? I mean, if you sat at a desk with a horn on it for years, wouldn't you give it a blow? I wanted to do it when no one was looking but never got the chance. I can tell you this. If you are ever in my home and I have a horn, lamp or otherwise, I've tried to blow it at some point. I'm just saying....
Also, our attorney's name is Cooch. Cooch, I said. My theory on this is that if he got out of high school alive with a name like that, he deserves my business. He only giggled a little when I told him this.

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