Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shut your mouth and provide the service I pay you for!

Our friend is in the middle of her 35th week of pregnancy. She’s having a boy, her third beautiful blue-eyed boy. Obviously I haven’t seen this kid yet but I’m just assuming he’ll have beautiful blue eyes just like her older two boys. His name will be Jayce and we’re all just waiting for him to come.

I talked to her today about some of the troubles she’s been having with her doctors. Her blood pressure has been up. Her Diastolic pressure has been above 100 for three days. And her systolic has been up to the 160s. She’s also getting the BP headaches at the base of her skull that I am all too familiar with. I have chronic hypertension so I know what it feels like when it’s high. I think these numbers are cause for alarm when you’re not 9 months pregnant. When you ARE 9 months pregnant, your doctors should be all over you. So, why aren’t her doctors all over her? Mine were. Not only are they not all over her, they’re rude to her for even questioning a medicine given to her when it says right there on the bottle “DO NOT TAKE IN LATER STAGES OF PREGNANCY.” Hello? Some people just pick the wrong profession.

As a pregnant woman, you should be able to trust that your doctors will take care of you, tell you what to do to keep yourself and the baby healthy and make sure that nothing comes up that can effect the health of either of you, but when it does, they spring in to action and do what ever it takes to not only make sure you’re OK, but to make you feel better about yourself and your unborn baby. Is that so much to ask for? You have the right to question any “care” that you’re given. Actually, that may be the problem right there. Given is the wrong word to use. I should have said, “You have the right to question any “care” that is provided by a doctor or nurse who are providing a service that YOU ARE PAYING FOR! Why do we allow doctors and nurses to treat us like they’re doing us a favour by seeing us? My husband and I pay a shit load of money every month to cover our whole family. It isn’t cheap and because of this, I don’t allow doctors to treat my family this way. If my child has a temp and a rash out of nowhere, I want a call back today. I don’t want to rush my kid to the ER because I can’t get his Paediatrician to return my phone calls. Luckily, my kids have a great Paediatrician and luckily I had great Ob's, but I was high risk and that may have made the difference. My doctors and nurses were all over me and I was never made to feel like I had fallen through the cracks. Everyone called me by name when I came in, granted, I was there 4 times a week so that made it easier but still. They didn’t have to do that. Every doctor and nurse at The Women’s Group of Saint Agnes in Columbia was wonderful. I can’t say enough wonderful things about them.

I just hope my friend can get her doctors to get off their asses and take her blood pressure seriously. They don’t call it the silent killer for nothing. The headaches are a HUGE red flag and it makes me want to go to her Doctor, shake him and scream “TAKE CARE OF MY FRIEND YOU FRIGGEN BUFFOON, AND GIVE YOUR NURSE A GOOD SMACK!”

Above is a picture of Dr. Leventhal who delivered River. She was an absolute dream!

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