Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dear Mr. President....

I'm pretty proud that my daughter was born on Inauguration Day. I mean whether you voted for Obama or not, you have to see how it was a very big day for our country. It's almost like we collectively started wearing our big girl panties. I didn't think we had it in us and was pleasantly surprised when I was proved wrong. Whether Bush Jr. wants to admit it or not, he opened our country up to being ready for our first black President and we should thank him. If he hadn't completely fu*ked up our country so bad, a lot of people wouldn't have rebelled so much against the Republicans and it would have been business as usual with ole' John McCain leading the sho^%^(, oh excuse me, I gave myself the shudders..

I absolutely hated with a burning passion, the Bush administration. I thought Bush was an idiot and Cheney was the anti-Christ, and still do. I think Bush started a war because he has daddy issues and every "good blooded American" followed him without question, twice. Because that's what you do right, you blindly follow your leaders into war because "they know better than we do." I'm pretty sure that's how Germany was able to stomp across Europe and kill so many while people "just followed." Anyhoo, he's gone now and I think we won't hear too much from him until the history books need to update the "worst President ever" sections.

I had a son in 2007. When he was born I decided that even though he is a vile President, I should still get a welcome letter from the White House to mark my son's birth. I sent a letter in asking for the letter and about 4 weeks later, I got the letter in the mail, no problem.

After my daughter was born ON INAUGURATION DAY, I sent a letter to the White House requesting a welcome letter from our new President. I was told it would take about six weeks. I waited...nothing. I sent another letter to the Greetings Office. I waited over six weeks again...nothing. I was getting a little annoyed so I called the White House (which is a pain in the ass) I explained everything and asked what I should do as this letter is very important to me. The very helpful person on the other end told me just what to do. Fax a copy of the letter and explain my troubles. I did this, five weeks ago and ....nothing.

What the hell are you people doing that you can't send out typed up cards? It isn't like you're hand writing them, right? I voted for you. I stood in line with people who said horrific things about you and proudly voted for you anyway. I know y'all are busy dealing with the crap you were left while taking the blame for it, but send me my damn letter. It's important to us.

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