Monday, July 27, 2009

Counting Kisses by Karen Katz

My son will be 2 ½ in August and since we was old enough to army crawl away from us, he hasn’t allowed us to read him a book. I read him the short board books when he was very young and he seemed to really like the Thomas the Tank Engine ones, but since then, reading to him has been a constant battle.

I’ve always thought that reading to your children was very important. Owen has in excess of 100 books. He has his own Amazon wishlist filled with books that I think he’d love. He has also gotten lots of great books from my brother that he purchased on his travels. I read all these books but when I try to read them to Owen, he laughs and runs down the hall unleashing his freaky high-pitched squeal. It’s ear shattering actually. So, for a while, I gave up. I’d try a new book here and there, but I’d never get a good reaction.

We went to Georgia to visit my mother, and so the kids could spend some time with their grandparents and I packed a few books to bring along. I pulled them out the first night I put Owen to bed in the guest room and lay down with him. I was shocked that he actually not only sat still, but actually listened. He seemed interested in what I was telling him and the pictures that went along with the story. I was able to read him two books every night for a week! That’s more books that he’d heard in his whole life!

The books were The Bear Snores on by Karma Wilson and Counting Kisses by Karen Katz. I love everything Karen Katz does so we have a lot of her books. Owen seemed to take a special liking to Counting Kisses. When we got home from our trip, I brought those books and a few others and put them on a shelf in his room so he could see them. Every naptime and bedtime, he reached for Counting Kisses and demands that we read it to him. We read slowly and on every page, there is a baby who is getting kisses. Owen makes us hold the book close to his face and after we read each page, he leans close and kisses the baby. It’s really very sweet. He refuses to go to bed without that book. Luckily I have a board book version of It too so he won’t trash the nice one.

He s very into dolls right now and has a small collection. This started when River was born so I think she might have something to do with this. It’s nice to see that she’s had such a good effect on him.

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