Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Can I get a witness?

How big is too big for a play area at the mall? Now, I know I’ve got a big kid, but as much as I joke about it, he isn’t HUGE. He is just big for his age. Because he is a bit bigger than his peers, I watch him around anyone smaller than he is because a light pat can feel like a shove from Owen even if that wasn’t the intent. I don’t want a tiny two year old to get pummeled by my not so tiny two year old.

We’re at one of the local malls today and we’re wasting time before lunch. I let Owen play in the play area while I give River her sippy cup of formula. I notice what must be the largest kid I’ve ever seen at a play area. He wasn’t just older, he was huge so I couldn’t really pin point his age, but maybe 9 or so.

As I was taking off his shoes, I told Owen (like I always do) to watch out for the smaller kids and reminded him that there were some big kids too so be careful! This kid, who had absolutely no business being in this play area, was as sweet as he could be, but was a bit clumsy. This is not a good thing to be when you’re huge and playing with kids who are much less that half your age. Isn’t it just common sense and common courtesy to take him somewhere else to play? On more than one occasion, I watched him kick a small child as he was rolling, head first, down the slide. I’m not angry with the kid, but his parents need a good beating. The mother actually turned to me a giggled once as he came rolling down the slide. Hello…clueless much? Not to mention that he’s eating a cup of pretzel bites while running around, not cool. Do you think I want your kid’s greasy hands all over the slide my kid is playing on? That’s just gross. I’m getting more and more mad as I write this. People are just annoying. Talk about poor parental supervision, I saw her other kid using the hand sanitizer pump like it was a soda fountain. Of course Owen saw her and started doing it too. Like I want him drinking that shit or putting it all over his hands and licking it off. How is that OK? We had to leave cause the whole family was skeeving me. I feel like I need a bath.

Did that sound bitchy?

I took a few pictures of my son at the play area. Owen is a 46 pound 2 year old, just to give you some perspective. He's in the black shirt and khaki shorts with the Adonis like long blond hair.

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