Friday, July 17, 2009

Airplanes landing and babies dying from cigarette smoke

So after my husband got off work tonight, we decided to take the kids over to Airport Park again. I wanted to watch my son wave the planes in while being amazed at the length of my daughter's eyelashes. If I weren't afraid to fly (which I was) before tonight, I am now, for sure.
The play area is literally right next to where the planes are landing onto this runway. It's a large airport so I'm sure there are many many runways, but on this one all of the planes come in one way and land in the same space. Tonight as we're watching the planes land, we noticed a Southwest plane abort it's landing and rise quickly at a point that looked like it was too late, but it made it so I guess that's a good thing. Perhaps they knew what they were doing after all, even though it didn't look like it. At least the plane came from the sky in the normal landing pattern, unlike the next plane.
As we were standing there talking about how scary the Southwest abort had been, it came round and landed correctly. Then we heard a plane too low and making an odd noise come out of nowhere and try to land on the same runway before realizing it wasn't going to make it and lifting up again. It was so low and looked like it was coming right at us that we started to grab our children to run. Because it was so low, it was obvious that is was a failed attempt at liftoff and they tried to abort and land quickly on another runway and missed the runway. They lifted at the last minute as I'm sure the food in the stomachs of the people on that plane did as well. WTF? Does this stuff happen all the time at airports but usually people aren't there to see it? I can't imagine those two terribly scary things just happen to happen in the time span we were there. If I had been on either of those flights, it would be my last flight.
We decided to cut our losses and leave as opposed to being there when the next one came hurdling towards the playground in a ball of fire. We decided to pick up Chinese instead of making dinner as it was getting a little late for the kids. We were walking over to place the order before going in to pick up a prescription when we past a lady on her cell phone. My husband said, "Good God, is that woman 75 years old and pregnant?" Now he wasn't making fun of woman of "advanced maternal age" as I had been one of those women, twice. He actually thought she was very old. I noticed she was smoking a cigarette so I said, "No, she isn't pregnant, she's smoking." Like that meant anything. Anyhoo, we get closer and walk by her, only to realize that is IS very old, she IS smoking and she IS indeed pregnant, very pregnant. The fact that she was maybe 55 or so became a lot less important when I saw her big belly amid a cloud of smoke. Who does that? How is that even OK in the eyes of a mother? I'm all for you making your own decisions and not having your government making them for you, but come on, care about the kid you're carrying. Also, if you don't care about your own kid, at least STOP BLOWING THAT SHIT TOWARDS MINE!

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